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On the Topic: Improving your Artistic Skills

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 20, 2017, 2:21 PM

As someone who considers herself constantly improving in her art, I wanted to write a short journal (which may become a video at some point) regarding the importance of practice in your field. This is not directed at anyone in particular, but is rather my thoughts on the concept in general, so please take it with a grain of salt.

Practice is one of the most important things when it comes to being an artist (or any skill set in general). I am more speaking in terms of the usage of bases, line art and other tracing resources that ultimately hinder your abilities to improve. While using bases on the occasion for fun is okay, I personally grind my teeth when I see people depend on nothing but bases, especially if they show no signs of moving past bases at any point.

Now I will not lie when I say I put a lot of my self worth on my work, not really in the sense of getting praise (I actually feel better when people provide constructive criticism) but in the sense that I've been able to improve so much. Looking back from when I first started on this account alone (which is my Second Account TBH), I've noticed quite a lot of improvement in not only my abilities with linework, but also my overall composition, design and style. A lot of people will often say "Hey, I wish I could draw in that person's style," and sometimes you might just adapt a similar style. I personally studied a lot of Vivziepop and Ink Rose's work in an attempt to make my art more energetic and feel alive, but that doesn't mean I can directly copy her design without frequent practice.

Old Version (July 2016) Tori (Echo) by Spirit--Productions New Version (February 2017) Tori- Final Design (Echo: GotC) by Spirit--Productions

I'm not saying improvement will come instantaneously (the pictures you see before you took countless hours of practice and more practice). All I'm saying is, if you want to make art, draw it yourself and you will eventually get the skills to be just as good as everyone else. What's the use in limiting yourself when you are capable of so much more?

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